Chris Gialanella


"The Riviera Design Series launched its first project this year with the Casa Surf Project. Being that Home Design has always been a popular category for Riviera and our Riviera Interiors magazine, it was a natural fit to utilize the talents of our advertisers in a different light. During the downturn of the economy, we realized that it is really about networking right now.

We took inspiration from the 'Design House' concept, but since most of those Design Houses are sold and then are no longer available to the public, we decided to talk to boutique hotels about the project. Casa Del Camino was a natural fit. We also wanted to work with an industry that was right in our backyard, namely the surf industry. Thus, it became a partnership between high-end home design and surf lifestyle. The ball started rolling and everything fell into place. We also wanted a project that reflected who we are - luxury lifestyle with an element of the California lifestyle.

Personally, the best part for me is seeing some of the finest interior designers in Orange County meet some great new contacts. Most of them have already received new clients and new projects! As far as the surf industry goes, it is amazing how they ‘get it’ and see Riviera not only as a luxury fashion/jewelry book, but as a vehicle that represents them in an upscale genre.

I love the Riviera suite. Clean lines, modern art and it symbolizes the essence of Laguna Beach!"