Kristi McKnight

Entertainment Relations

“I grew up in Laguna and I was very excited about this project being at Casa Del Camino Hotel. Its rooftop bar is a classic local hangout and the hotel has a lot of history. Our designer Angela O’Donnell envisioned the perfect theme that would stay in tune with the Hotel and I agreed with her on taking a more subtle approach to the branding in our suite. We wanted to keep it timeless, moody and regal. Combining the ‘American Riviera’ concept of Laguna and the architecture of the hotel, we wanted to bring in a Spanish Mediterranean feel to our suite to make it truly exquisite. Angela effortlessly maintained the authenticity of the space while creating her own modern spin on the concept. We really enjoyed playing with the royalty aspect of the Spanish conquistador theme as it ultimately defines Quiksilver’s presence as the leading surf brand in our industry.”