Monica Wise

Designer/ Founder

“The L*Space suite is all about a clean chic, and contemporary look that’s feminine and luxe, just like my swim collection. My biggest goal was to create a romantic room that screams sexiness when you walk into it. We also wanted to incorporate the hardware from our embellished bikinis into the room, so designer Charm Logan created those incredible chandeliers made out of the gold and silver rings that we use on our silhouettes and she added them to the pillows as well. I love the texture in the room—it’s what I think about when I am creating new collections, and she captured our style incredibly well. The room represents a luxury lifestyle with feminine touches like the soft cashmere throw and candlelit. We also integrated Corinn Caldwell, the face of our brand for the last eleven years, with a sexy painting of her torso and a black and white artistic photograph of her in the bathroom.”